Holy Conversation, Jimmy Johns, and BAM Purchases That Inspire

I was too tired from sleep deprivation (had woken up at 6:15 a.m. = ick) and work yesterday to report on yesterday’s experiences, all varied in mood.

First, my early rising was necessary because I had to drive my mom to work (we only have two cars in the family) so I could meet with our district superintendent at Eat n’ Park in a different town. For once, I was early meeting our DS, who we call by his first name; I had been late to previous meetings from miscommunication and direction impairment, but those are other stories. Anyway, I met with him to discuss my struggles living with my conservative parents, fighting depression, working a job that is very dissatisfying, and giving up my candidacy track toward ordination. Some details are to be kept between he and I, but I can tell you that our conversation was a holy one. I wasn’t just pouring my frustrations onto the breakfast table. We engaged in a conversation that brought affirmations of faith for us both, affirmations that assured us that Jesus is not so conservative and judgmental, as many Christians cast those negative red lights on him with their unjust, presumptuous theologies. In short, many Christians make Jesus and Christianity look bad. I left the restaurant at peace and experiencing a high of joy.

I know that he is not just my DS, but a treasured friend of mine. I confess I have an innocent, little girl crush on him, like a daughter would crush on her father. I adore him as a friend, and more and more as a father figure. I have considered starting a fandom for him. Haha! We also switched topics to more business ones, such as my new position on the conference communication board, which I am so excited about! The committee is new, and I will be reporting to the conference about the works of the churches in our district. It sounds like lots of travel, loving people, and inspiring stories! It’s a positive thing developing in my life.

Second, this fun photo, a small illustration of the many reasons why I love Jimmy Johns. I took this at lunch time, after consuming lunch.



Third, after that delicious lunch, I stopped at my last stop at the mall before work. Here are my BAM finds:


(From left to right)

Malala –> I’ve admired this little girl since I first learned of her about a year or more ago. Her story, philosophy, and work for equality is an inspiration to all. I say without exaggeration that I consider her a saint. I saw that her new book was published, and immediately grabbed it from the rack.

Elizabethtown –> It’s not a book, but it’s a movie that I’m willing to watch more than once. And it was $5.00. 🙂 The main characters are portrayed by Kirsten Dunst and Orlando Bloom (minus the English accent!), and is an inspiration for those with depression. The first few scenes are depressing, but you’ll see how uplifting the movie is as it goes on. I grabbed this one because like it, but mainly because it was, well, $5 bucks.

My Future Listography: All I Hope to Do in Lists –> ‘Future’ is important here for us with depression. Listography books are available for past experiences or static topics, but to make lists for the future is the most inspiring, I think.

Check them out for yourself! They may help! 


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